Is Platlet Rich Plasma Effective For Hair Growth?

There are many questions that have been asked about platelet rich plasma, including whether or not it is effective for a specific condition. It is a relatively new treatment and clinical trials are still ongoing. However, the information that is available will help you make an informed decision. Listed below are some common questions that have been asked about this treatment. To get a more detailed answer, read the article below. During the interview, the doctor will discuss what PRP is and how it is used.

Hair transplant doctors use platelet-rich plasma as a treatment for female-pattern hair loss, as well as male-pattern hair loss. Various studies have validated the benefits of platelet-rich plasma for treating hair loss in women. In fact, some of these studies have shown that a combination of a hair transplant and this treatment has increased the number of new hair follicles. The results of the studies are promising and indicate that the treatments may help patients regain their lost hair.

During the treatment, platelet-rich blood is extracted from the patient’s body. A centrifuge separates the platelets from the plasma. Then, they are injected into the scalp in targeted locations. A special micro needle used for this procedure is very thin and has a very low risk of causing discomfort. The procedure does not require a recovery period and most patients report minimal pain. In addition to being safe, the treatment is effective and provides results in as few as two to three months.

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